Sponsors of the Commonwealth Standards Network

The CSN Saint Lucia and Caribbean technical assistance project was launched on the 17 of October 2018 at 09.00 Hrs at the Harbor Club Hotel, Compass Room in Rodney Bay.

About 40 persons attended which included
the SLBS members of the Standard Council, the CSN Project Steering Committee
members, the Director and selected members of SLBS staff, UK government
representative, the Minister of the Department of Commerce, Industry,
Investment, Enterprise Development and Consumer Affairs, CROSQ representative,
the team leader, BSI project Director and Manager and members of the press and
television news.

A handout was printed and all participants
were provided with one, the handout included the Agenda, a general description
of the CSN Programme and the team leader power point presentation explaining
the objectives and strategy to meet these for the technical assistance.

The Head of the Information Services Department of SLBS Mrs. Vernet St. Omer Fontenelle was the master of ceremonies throughout the event and introduced each speaker. There were 6 speakers and the order was as follows:

  1. The Director of the SLBS welcomed every one and introduced the project
    from the perspective of the SLBS and concluded by stating that SLBS should be:

    1. Be an effective and efficient fit for purpose organisation;
    1. Improve the competitiveness of the economic operators;
    1. Contribute to the safety and quality of products/services;
    1. Provide support to the NQI, SME’s and overall economy of Saint Lucia.
  2. The Minister of the Department of Commerce (short name) gave a speech;
    the speech can be read here.
  3. The British Resident Commissioner in Saint Lucia gave a speech; this
    speech can be read here.
  4. BSI Project Director gave a speech, this speech can be read here and addressed the

    1. Who is BSI, BSI International projects and their experience in
      delivering this project;
    1. What is the CSN and what are the expected outcomes;
    1. The work streams and activities
    1. The three technical assistance work streams e.g. Saint Lucia and the
      Caribbean, Africa (Zambia and Uganda) and Oceania (Vanuatu and Papua New
  5. CROSQ Representative gave a speech, the speech can be read here .
  6. The Team Leader of the project gave a speech which this speech can be
    read here :

    1. Identified the objectives of the project;
    1. Described the strategy of the project to fulfil the objectives;
    1. Described the need to work closely with CROSQ on the regional
      objectives of the NQI;
    1. Informed about the 6 components of the project e.g. NQI, Legal Approximation,
      Standardisation, Certification, Standards Awareness and Metrology and the
      activities associated with these and how these aligned with CROSQ regional
  7. The Chair of the Standards Council closed the event.

Agenda of the Launch


CSN Project Launch

Harbor Club Hotel

Compass Room 5th Floor

17 October 2018

09.00 –
09.30                      Registration

SLBS Head of Information Department     

09.30 –
09.45                      Mr. V. Emmanuel Director SLBS,  Welcome

09.45 – 10.00                      Hon. J. Bradley Felix, Minister Department of
Commerce, Industry, Investment, Enterprise Development and Consumer Affairs

10.00 –
10.15                      Mr. Steve McCready, Resident British Commissioner

10.15 – 10.30                      Mr. R. Taylor, Director Standards Market
Development at BSI Group

10.30 – 10.55                      Mr. D.A.Tomlinson, CROSQ

10.45 – 11.15                     Mr. C. Barker, Team Leader Commonwealth
Standards Network – Saint Lucia and Caribbean Project.

– 11.20                      Mr. T. Edmund, Chairman SLBS Standards Council –
Closing address.

Visibility of the Event and Project

The SLBS website
and Facebook were used to disseminate the information concerning the launch,
see the links below.

  1. https://www.facebook.com/slbsslu/videos/vb.510296005701071/561021804349261/?type=2&theater
  2. https://www.slbs.org.lc/2018/10/18/launch-of-the-commonwealth-standards-network/https://www.slbs.org.lc/2018/10/18/launch-of-the-commonwealth-standards-network/

The press and
television were invited to attend and the following newscasts were aired in the
evening news of Saint Lucia, see the links below.

  1. Hot 7 News                    INTERNATIONAL
  2. Choice News Now           https://youtu.be/QsBkmGRmjDE

News paper clipping: The Saint Lucia Mirror dated Saturday October 20, 2018 see here