New Draft Standards for Public Comment

Adopted International
The following draft standards are being proposed for adoption as Saint Lucia National Standards: DNS/IEC 60969: 2016 Self-ballasted lamps for general lighting services — Performance requirements (IEC 60969: 2016, IDT)DNS/ASTM F1561 – 3: 2014 Standard [...]
Barcode Generation

This service involves the generation of barcodes using International Guidelines (GS1) and uses the EAN/UPC symbology


Certificate of Free Sale

The Certificate of Free Sale provides testimony that the sale of a particular product is


Label Assessment

The Label Assessment Programme is based on requirements of mandatory standards SLNS Pt. 1:1993


Product Certification/Standard Mark

The SLBS Product Certification Programme provides the


Verification and Calibration

Verification is a procedure (other than type approval) that ascertains and confirms,



The Commonwealth Standards Network

What is the Commonwealth Standards Network? Funding Agency:              DFID (UK Government) Beneficiary:                       53 Commonwealth Member Country NSBs Duration:                             <2 Years (06/2018- 03/2020) Contract type:                   Accountable Grant Arrangement [AGA] The CSN is a platform for […]

EPing TBT Notifications

ePing is a free online web service that provides businesses and governments with up to date information on regulations in export markets around the world, including product requirements and standards. ePing’s two key functions allow […]

HACCP Recognition Programme

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) System is a food processing management system that addresses food safety through a preventative approach. This is achieved by the identification and control of biological, chemical and physical […]

Baker’s Certification Programme

The Bakers’ Certification programme is one where the baking process is certified as being hygienic. It is a programme under the Food Certification Programme which gives the assurance that the activities of the sector meet […]

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