Barcode Generation

This service involves the generation of barcodes using International Guidelines (GS1) and uses the EAN/UPC symbology


Certificate of Free Sale

The Certificate of Free Sale provides testimony that the sale of a particular product is


Label Assessment

The Label Assessment Programme is based on requirements of mandatory standards SLNS Pt. 1:1993


Product Certification/Standard Mark

The SLBS Product Certification Programme provides the


Verification and Calibration

Verification is a procedure (other than type approval) that ascertains and confirms,


Featured News

Bureau Closure

NOTICE The public is advised of the closure of all SLBS locations on Friday 19th October 2018. This is to allow all employees to attend an important meeting. Regular services will resume on Monday 22 […]

October 3rd EPing TBT Notification

ePing is a free online web service that provides businesses and governments with up to date information on regulations in export markets around the world, including product requirements and standards. ePing’s two key functions allow […]

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